Friday, September 24, 2010

Video Game Review: Call of Duty: World at War Wii by DrEw

Rated " M FOR MATURE" (Should be T for Teen in my opinion)

This game is based on World War 2. In Campaign (Single player) You can choose from 14 levels to play, And also half-way through Campaign, you team up with The Red Army (Russia) and fight in the streets of Berlin, Germany, conquering Nazis ( I know it seems disgusting, the thought of Nazis!). During gameplay, you could press the "plus" button on a second wii remote (I call it the wiimote!) and you can fight the war with a teammate!   Muiltplayer is a live match against players around the world, you can choose to play 7 different game modes,and level up over 640 times! you can choose from 25 different guns, (more when playing it on x-box 360) and 25 different perks( bonus upgrades) 
As you level up, you unlock upgrade... better guns and your skill increases in vast amounts. When you level up to commander (rank 65) you can unlock prestige mode - in prestige - you can make a very difficult decision. In campaign, if you go to the options menu, you can turn off the blood, gore, and crude language.    
                           p.s..... THIS DOES NOT WORK ON LIVE MATCHES!!!!!! so I suggest you mute your TV\Audio when you are the "Marine Raiders" (US ARMY) team,
                                                             Because they get wild in the war!!!  Special Thanks to: Trayarch, and Activision.

Email me: if want cheat codes or secrets about the game!

<<<< I'm so excited about Call of Duty: Black Ops 11.09.10    
Moo...I'm a Pirate!!!


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I've never played it but it sounds really fun