Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thinkin' Tuesday: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid... The Movie

What's Up? This is Adrien, I begged my mom to go buy Diary of A Wimpy Kid today. No, I have not seen it yet. Sadly, I do not go to the movies a lot. I have seven people in my family, so going to the theater is like as much as a small car costs. (That's what my dad says) I don't mind waiting though, I get to eat more popcorn and candy this way. I watched this movie tonight with Anna and Andrew, so we will all give you our thoughts.

So what did we think about this movie:

Adrien:  Didn't like: So the mom was not casted right, because she didn't fit like in the book. Greg was always suppose to be frowning and when he gets hurt his mouth stays wide open. The bully's did not pinch Greg's arm enough! Like: Some parts of the movie was actually in the book. Most of the characters were perfectly casted. My favorite part of the movie was the Halloween part and when Greg peed on his brother. Favorite Character: Rowley

Anna:  Didn't like: Well most of the book was cut out. The dad in the book was a lot better and the mom was suppose to be involved in Rodrick's band. And of course soooo much was cut out from the book. Like: The other characters where cool. I thought the part where umm, Fregley wanted to name his secret freckle's one hair. Overall, I think everyone should watch it. It had a good message... Treat others nice :O) Favorite Character: Angie

Andrew:  Didn't like: The story in the movie was not as easy to understand as the book. I didn't enjoy it near as much as the book. A lot of the characters were not the cast that I imagined them to be. Like: I liked the part where they performed in the play "Wizard of Oz", it was funny watching the spoiled brat Patty getting a taste of her own medicine. I thought the part where Greg and Rowley had to go shirtless in P.E was funny, I am super skinny and scrawny... I would be so embarrassed! But funny anyway!
Favorite character: Rodrick 'cuz he's a drummer!

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