Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congratulations to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!!

The winners of the TEEN READ AWARDS are in and, YAY!!!  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows won BEST ALL TIME FAVE!!!  We couldn't agree more with this!  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Harry Potter books!!

Also, the best book-to-film winner was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 5)And winning the BEST HERO award is PERCY JACKSON, from The Last Olympian!  This was one of our all time favorite books, so a BIG TIME congrats goes out to Rick Riordan for the win!  

If you haven't read these books yet, we can't recommend them highly enough!  They are awesome, awesome, awesome!

If you'd like to know the rest of the winners, check out READING TEEN!

(a couple of years ago Reagan, Bransen, and Kit dressed up as Luna, Harry, and Hermione from Harry Potter!)

Video Game Review: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 by Adrien

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

I have been playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 since my daddy installed it for me a few days ago. It was like an early Christmas present, since that's all I can think about the last few months. When I was little, I only rode regular kiddie rides, then over the summer I rode a real loopy coaster and it changed my life forever!  I have sketched so many roller coasters and searched them up just to locate and stare at them on Google Earth. But, to be able to build my own... WOW!

The park I am building right now is called "Halloween Town".  I have a drop tower and have built two very speedy fast roller coasters so far with tons of loops. There is another ride that I call "Witches Broom" it  shoots straight up into the air and then falls back. I like the game because you can build rides and make your own people and add themes, food stands, decorations, park employees, pretty much everything you can imagine that makes a great park. It even goes so far as to show you your profits or losses and gives you stats and awards for best park.

You should go buy this game because it's the best PC game I have ever played!  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Top 10 Ways to Ruin the First Day of 5th Grade by Ken Derby

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 165 pages
Publisher: Holiday House; First Edition edition (October 15, 2004)
The Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of 5th Grade by Ken Derby

Grade 3-5 - Fifth-grader Tony Madison is a magnet for trouble. Irrepressible, unstoppable, and outrageous, he is constantly thinking up ways to make it on to David Letterman's show. He has his own collection of stupid human and pet tricks that he is sure will be his ticket to New York. After trying each new prank, he writes to the talk-show host and includes a top-10 list detailing his stunts. Unfortunately, most of these exploits end up with Tony in the principals office and his teacher, Mr. Gore, going home to change his clothes. One of his feats finally earns him the sought-after invitation (he makes the national news when he runs onto the field dressed as a bear during a professional football game). Tony, two of his friends, and Mr. Gore travel to New York City where Tony proceeds to wreak his own brand of havoc on the Big Apple. It all culminates with his arrival on Late Night escorted by Hell's Angels on motorcycles. Humorous and lighthearted with a feisty and zany main character, this book will be enjoyed by readers who like offbeat plots and nonstop wacky action.

My Review
This book was very funny. I really didn't know what to expect. I was wanting to read this book since I just started the fifth grade. Mo and Tony are definitely my favorite characters. they are always doing stunts... like Tony would jump rope on the toilet seat and his foot got stuck in the toilet. Gross! Mo was his partner-in-crime and would help him with his stunts. They would get into so much trouble and go to the principles office a lot! My other favorite part is when it is "bring a pet to school day", I can't tell you what happens but, all chaos breaks lose and it is such a funny part. I like that Tony's dog is named "Meatball" he is such a sweet mutt.

The part where Tony writes in to David Letterman and gives him his top ten list of how to ruin the fifth grade is when the book really opens up... Read this book because it's funny and it's good. That's it! That's all I have to say about it.

AnnaBanana ~ See ya next time!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Masterpiece Monday: Reagan

Instead of drawing a picture from a book that I like, I wanted to show you a picture of some characters that I made up for a story I'm writing. I won't give you the whole story, but I'll tell you the background of the characters that I named Luncas (Loon-sa)

There are the good luncas and bad luncas and the big boss. The good female luncas are purple and the male good luncas are blue. The bad female luncas are black and the male bad luncas are gray. The big boss is all the colors of all the luncas. All of the luncas have small swords on there heads that can also be used for grabbing things up high. The good luncas nest in the snowy mountains and in prairies and beautiful fields. The bad luncas nest in high peaks and dark caves and they are some times found in eagles nests. The luncas have groups. For example the luncas that live in the field are in one group and the ones in the snowy peaks are in another.
            The Big Boss

Right now I'm building a story using these characters.  I will share it with you soon! 

Do you like to make up stories or draw pictures of characters that you created? If so, send them to us, and we'll use them in our Masterpiece Mondays!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ARC Review: The Search for Wondla by Tony Diterlizzi

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 496 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (September 21, 2010)
Author's Web site:

When a marauder destroys the underground sanctuary that Eva Nine was raised in by the robot Muthr, the twelve-year-year-old girl is forced to flee aboveground. Eva Nine is searching for anyone else like her, for she knows that other humans exist, because of an item she treasures—a scrap of cardboard on which is depicted a young girl, an adult, and a robot, with the strange word, “WondLa.”

The Search for WondLa is an exciting book that is about humans and aliens ((gosh, made up creatures are popular)). This story takes place on a planet called Orbana, where Eva Nine, ((the main character)) a 12 or 13 year old girl has lived her whole life underground. After an intruder forces her out, she meets some unlikely friends and journeys out across Orbona in search of other humans.

I thought this book was really interesting, and my favorite characters were Rovender Kitt, and alien that you'll find out about if you read the book, and Otto, a giant tardigrade, or water bear. The book was action packed and at the end it sorta leaves you hanging because there are more WondLa books to come!

You have to read this book! It's clean and kid-friendly, and for you boy readers, there are a few interesting weapons, chase scenes and gross parts!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our First Second Hand Saturday! #1

Welcome to Second Hand Saturday!! In an attempt to clear our bookshelves, and pass on great used books to our stalkers followers, WE =  Austin, Andrew, Faith, Reagan, Anna, Bransen and Adrien have decided to hold weekly giveaways of some of the books on our bookshelves! Every Saturday, we will post the books available, and the following Saturday, we will announce the winner and our next challenge. The winner will get to choose a book from the list and we will ship it to that lucky person! Each week we will have a different challenge to complete (see below). YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER TO ENTER!  Open Internationally.  Ends at 10:00 pm EST the following Friday!

Middle Grade

-  Middle School Confidential Books 1-3 by Annie Fox (PBR
-  Eragon (hardback) by Christopher Paolini (PBR)
-  Eldest (hardback) by Christopher Paolini (PBR)
-  Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (PBR)
-  Inkspell by Cornelia Funke
-  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (hardback no jacket) (PBR) (RT)
-  Mattimeo (library copy) by Brian Jacques
-  A Wrinkle in Time and A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L'Engle
-  Summer Ball by Mike Lupica
-  Half Moon Investigations (library copy) by Eoin Colfer
-  Island Girl (library copy) by Sandra Byrd
-  Hoot (paperback) by Carl Hiaasen
-  Tuck Everlasting (hardback) by Natalie Babbitt
-  Nothing But The Truth: A Documentary Novel (paperback) By AVI
-  Triss (Redwall, Book 15) (paperback) by Brian Jacques
-  Clovermead by David Randall
-  The O'Reilly Factor For Kids by Bill O'Reilly
-  Portal by Imogen Rose
-  Trackers by Patrick Carman
-  Nerds by Michael Buckley
Zan Gah by Allan Richard Shickman
-  The Carnival of Lost Souls by Laura Quimby
Star Power book 1 Supernova  by Catherine Hapka
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
High School Musical: The Junior Novel Disney
-  High School Musical: Stories from East High #6 Disney
-  Animal Ark Pets books #12 - #16
-  25 books from The Babysitters Club (you pay media shipping)
To enter this week's giveaway, you must be a follower of this blog, and...

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