Monday, September 12, 2011

Watch Andrew on the drums...

Andrew, one of our book reviewers, also plays the drums. This video was recorded last night. Watch how he twirls his drum sticks... little punk!!! August Burns Red "Internal Cannon"

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Familiars: The Secret Of The Crown By Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins (September 6, 2011)
Buy the Book:  Amazon

When human magic disappears suddenly from Vastia, it falls on the familiars, Aldwyn the telekinetic cat, Skylar the know-it-all blue, jay, and Gilbert the gullible tree frog--to find the Crown of the Snow Leopard, an ancient relic that can reverse the curse. They learn that the only way to do this is by following in the purple paw prints of Aldwyn's father, who'd gone missing while searching for the Crown years earlier. This magical spirit trail extends into the Beyond, where our heroes encounter new enemies and danger, while Aldwyn learns about his mysterious past.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mad Libs with Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson, Authors of The Familiars

The Familiars has been described as Harry Potter meets Warriors, which are two of our favorite series.  So we've been really excited to read these books, and to be a part of The Familiars:  Secrets of the Crown book tour.  Today we have Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson here to play a fun game of Familiars Mad Libs!  Check it out!


Mad about The Familiars

We don't know about you, but when we were growing up, one of our favorite things to do on long car rides or at sleepovers was play Mad Libs. Of course, this was before iPhones and Nintendo 3DS's. So, with our new book, THE FAMILIARS: SECRETS OF THE CROWN coming out on September 6th, we thought it might be fun to give all the kids who visit Reading Tween a chance to play some Familiars Mad Libs!

Below, you can find a list of Noun/Verb/Adjectives to fill in. Then, when you are finished, you can place them in the corresponding blanks in the paragraph from the yet-to-be-released SECRETS OF THE CROWN. Then read the paragraph and see if your version is better than ours! It will certainly be funnier.

Have fun (and please keep it PG).

1. Plural Noun
2. Noun
3. Plural Noun
4. Past Tense Verb
5. Proper Name
6. Proper Name
7. Noun
8. Plural Noun
9. Adjective
10. Adjective
11. Plural Noun
12. Verb
13. Plural Noun
14. Adjective
15. Noun
16. Adjective
17. Famous Place

Aldwyn had often wondered what it would feel like to have (1. PLURAL NOUN). As the (2. NOUN) blew through his (3. PLURAL NOUN) and his claws (4. PAST TENSE VERB) into the linen collar of 5. PROPER NAME)'s tunic, he was beginning to get a pretty good idea. Led by (6. PROPER NAME)'s outstretched (7. NOUN), loyal and familiar were soaring above the (8. PLURAL NOUN), climbing higher and higher toward the clouds. Back in his Bridgetower days, before he had become the (9. ADJECTIVE) animal companion to a (10. ADJECTIVE) wizard, Aldwyn used his (11. PLURAL NOUN) to (12. VERB) the rooftops and (13. PLURAL NOUN) of some of the city's (14. ADJECTIVE) buildings. But having his (15. NOUN) graze the needles at the top of the (16. ADJECTIVE) pine trees in the (17. FAMOUS PLACE) was something different altogether.

Please leave your version in to Reading Tween in the comments so we can read them!

The FamiliarsTo learn more about THE FAMILIARS and THE FAMILIARS: SECRETS OF THE CROWN, please visit

Thanks so much Adam and Andrew for creating this fun Mad Libs for us!!  

If you haven't started reading this series, you should pick it up now.  Grab The Familiars now, and be ready for Secrets of the Crown when it releases Sept. 6!  We're reading Secrets of the Crown right now!  Look for our review soon.

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