Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vampire and the World's Best Taco by Adrien and Austin

There once was a vampire that wanted more then anything to find the world's best taco. He looked everywhere for the world's best taco, but to his disappointment, could never find it. In addition to finding the world's best taco, he always wanted to travel the world. He thought it would be a good way to find what he was looking for... the world's best taco. He had to find a way to travel, for a long time.

One day, whilst walking through a wooded glen, he stumbled across a platypus. Not just any ordinary platypus, mind you, this Platypus was ten feet tall. It was the color of a taco. That being said, some of it was the color of a hard corned shell. Some was the color of cheese. Some, onion. Etc. The vampire walked up to this marvelous beast and asked, "Marvelous beast, where am I?"
The Platypus answered him, "You are in the land of Taco. This land is full of Tacos."
The Vampire looked at the platypus in wonder. "Would you call this place... Taco Town?" the vampire asked inquisitedly.
"Yes," said the platypus, "You would. There have been many people who search fruitlessly for the world's best taco, but do not succeed. To find the world's best taco, you must come here, to Taco Town. It is filled with joy and wonders and wondrous joy. Are you one of the fellows who look for the world's best taco?" asked the playtpus.
"Why, yes," said the vampire, "Yes I am. Would you by any chance know the whereabouts of such taco?" said the vampire.
"Why, yes," said the platypus, "Yes I would. The location of said taco is very far from this conveniently placed glen. Luckily, I am a very fast runner. Hop onto my back and I will take you to the place where you can choose from many different types of taco." 
 The vampire leaped onto the platypus's back. He was so excited and happy that not even the largest amount sadness could not make him sad. They traveled for a few minutes at an incredible speed. The vampire remained quite calm throughout the whole ordeal. That is just how vampires are. They never show any emotion. Even though this particular vampire was quite slap-happy. Finally, the vampire and the platypus (quite an odd pair) stopped in a large clearing. And there, in the center of the clearing, was a long table. This table was covered in hundreds and hundreds of tacos. The vampire thought that his heart would burst with happiness. This was the spot where his journy would finally end...

Several hours and hundreds of tacos later, the vampire and the platypus lay in the clearing, content. The vampire had eaten so many tacos in his lifetime. Some of the best he had ever had were right there, in that clearing. But only one taco could be the world's best taco. There was only one taco left on the table to be uneaten. It could be the world's best taco. But as the vampire reached for the last taco, it suddenly disappeared. How in the wolrd did that happen? the vampire thought to himself. Out of the corner of his eye, the vampire saw a shimmer. Looking around, he saw a little man with a pointed red beard and wearing a green suit. And next to the little man, in a pot that could have held gold, was the taco.
"Haha!" said the little man in a squeeky voice, "It's my taco now! Muahahaha!" And he ran from the clearing, carrying the pot over his head. The vampire was simply to tired and to full to give chase. Aw well, he thought, maybe it wasn't the world's best taco...
The End

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