Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pirate vs. Ninja By:Anna Banana

Once upon a time, there was a pirate named Jade, and she was the captain of a ship called 'Destruction'. She was instructing her mates saying, "ARRRRRGH, you! Yeah you! Go and instruct the other crew members that we must flee at once! I have to go to the bathroom". Said Jade the captain. "ARRRRRGH" grumbled Violet her co-captain. Jade is the best swordsmen on ship 'Destruction', so all the mates chose her as their captain. Her skills are very very good at sword fighting and very very good at aiming the gun.
As soon as Captain Jade came back from the bathroom, she set sail on the ship!! They sailed for eight days straight.
One day she was finishing up her dinner and wine when she realized a bunch of commotion on her ship. She went over to Violet and Elizabeth the cook, who were looking pale and instructing the crew to man their posts, and said...
 "What are you doing?" Jade demanded
 "Oh... look over there" Violet screamed as she pointed North.
"I think the ninjas are planning to attack!!" said Elizabeth.
 "ATTACK" yelled Jade. "Everyone!!!" Jade SCREAMED at the top of her lungs... "You, you and you! Jade pointed, "Get you swords and guns at the ready!! 
Jade needed so, so, so much help, for this was her first voyage as captain.
"Uuuuh... Captain Jade? Are you OK? Do you need some help?" whimpered Violet. 
"Of course I'm OK. I was born to do this. Were are they attacking?" asked Jade trying to sound strong.
"Over there on that nearby Island, here look at my telescope. My maps tell me it's called Dagger Island. They are not attacking yet, there just coming on fast!" Violet said. 
"Are you ready for a battle, Violet?" asked Jade. 
"Yes, I think I'm ready Captain!!" Violet stood upright at attention, trying to look brave.
"Good. Because here we go, our ship is arriving at the small scary island. Guns ready!!! ON my mark!" yelled Captain Jade.

"Oh.. no.. the ninjas are attacking!! screamed many crew mates. 
Ninjas were everywhere. It was hard to see their stealthy black cloaked faces.
"What!!! cried Jade. No!! It can't be!!" 
"Sister..." whispered Grace as she grabbed a hold of Jade's throat. "I can't believe I have finally found you at last."
"NO!! You will not call me sister... I am Captain Jade to you... ARRRRGH!!" demanded Jade.
"I only want the gold Captain Jade, hand it over and I will spare you your mates!" sneered a very sinister Grace. 
"You've always been a back stabber and a trader Grace, no wonder we parted ways as sisters, you made our father very sad about the path you chose to take, he told me on his death bed." said a sad, yet very strong Jade.
"The gold is gone! I buried it somewhere on Dagger Island. It's a pity you will never find it and if you kill all of us, You will make sure of that, because it's a large island!" explained Jade.
Grace just stared at her sister and knew that just because she was a pirate, Jade was still much more honest than she would ever be, which is why Grace liked to cover her face in the black ninja cloak. Grace let go of her sister's throat, backed up and said...
"Until we meet again Sister!" and with that, Grace was gone and so was the other twenty or so ninjas. They quietly slipped back into the night, as if they were never there. 

Three days later 'Destruction' got to Skull Island and the crew mates all screamed "ARRRRRGH!" They all got a big box of rum and drank fifteen bottles between them in celebration. It was dark outside, it didn't matter, Captain Jade knew exactly where the X was, because after all, X does mark the spot. 
"Jade is the best captain of the land, she knows where the X is in the sand..." sang her crew mates, clanging their mugs of rum together, while swinging back-n-forth.
Jade had a key that her dad gave to her, she thought for a moment that she would have loved to share this moment with her sister Grace. But, Grace was a ninja and she was mean, evil and selfish. Grace would never share this treasure with anyone, but herself. Jade unlocked the treasure chest, held up a gold medallion high in the air, in front of the moon, and said... "Good luck Grace, digging up Dagger Island, for we will be long gone before you realize it's not there." and with a smile she happily told her crew mates, "DIG IN MATES!" 


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