Monday, January 17, 2011

Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go by Annie Barrows

Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go
Reading level: Ages 7-10
Hardcover: 136 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books (November 23, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0811849104
ISBN-13: 978-0811849104 

New friends Ivy and Bean return, and this time there's a ghost with them. It's shy Ivy who sees the mist coming out of the girls' bathroom at school, and loyal Bean soon sees it, too. Despite doubting friends and irritated teachers, the girls are determined to rid the bathroom of this malevolent presence. The series, previously so grounded in reality, takes a supernatural turn here, and readers may not know what to make of the ghost. But as before, the series' strong suits are humor and the spot-on take on relationships.

My Review

I really liked this book. I'm so glad I'm reading this series. The Ghost Thad Had to Go was really funny and I really liked how the author wrote the story. My mom bought me all three books and I really like them. I just started the third so you have to wait for that review. ☻ I really like the characters, they just sound so cute. I also enjoyed how Barrows made them look, like their friends at school Zuzu and Emma. Zuzu had black hair and two buns, one on each side of her head. Emma had blond hair with pigtails and bows on each side. I so wish I could pull off either of those styles... but, I don't think so!

You really need to see there website! >>>>>  its really fun. ♥  You really need to by the book's they are really funny! Also, I feel like the books have a great storyline and with only 136 pages, it's makes me feel good that I can finish it quickly. 

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