Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wii Video Game Review: Order Up! by Zoo Publishing

Product Features

  • Unlock all of the menu items in the current restaurant by earning and spending COIN. Unlock the next new recipe or new high-carbon, razor-sharp, signature series chef's knife.
  • Create a Chef's Special that is better than any of the current menu items. Attract the attention of the local Food Critic - by completing the previous tasks and gain a favorable review in the local newspaper.
  • Serve more than the minimum number of plates in one day - number dependent on difficulty level and stage of restaurant in the game.
  • Spend COIN to buy a new restaurant.

Order Up is a delicious blend of precision cuisine crafting and culinary empire building, all rolled into a light and flaky crust of memorable characters and humorous situations. With the Wii Remote in hand, the player will be guided from burger to chateaubriand; taught every aspect of food preparation and presentation. For anyone who has dreamed of becoming a world-class chef or restaurant mogul or both!, Order Up will deliver. The core game play of Order Up is cooking, from preparation to presentation. Preparation consists of "cutting and cooking" while Presentation refers to garnishes and "flourishes" - e.g. sauce drizzled over a dish to please the eye or the use of flame (flambĂ©) for dramatic effect. Beyond the core, game play includes rising through the ranks of the culinary world from fast-food to world-class restaurants as chef and owner while ever-expanding your cookbook of recipes and ever-improving the quality of your equipment. Along the way you will face demanding patrons, discriminating food critics…and at the pinnacle of your fame in the world of fine cuisine you will be invited to complete in the, "Fortified Chef World Challenge" - an Iron Chef-style cooking competition.

My Review 

This is a really fun game because, you get to cook your own meals (I LOVE to cook!), you get to buy your own recipes, and own multiple restaurants. The player can cook a lot of different meals at the same time, and, you are timed. If it takes too long to cook a meal, you get a low score, then a bad tip! As the chef, You want to make good tips, so then you will have the money to purchase from a regular diner to a nicer restaurant. You have four different restaurants to choose from... hamburger diner, Mexican, Italian and French.

I have so much fun buying my own spices, and, I really enjoy being at the market. The market looks like it is set in Italy. I have played the game for hours. I know I have also learned a lot, like the name of food items, and spices. 

If you are a kid under the age of twelve you will have a lot of fun with this Wii game. *This game also includes a chefs hat. **Order Up! is rated E for Everyone.



Sara Johnson said...

Amy - Thank you for posting about our game! However, we are not "Zoo Digital Publishing," we are "Zoo Entertainment, Zoo Games, or Zoo Publishing," whichever you select is fine. Zoo Digital Publishing is another company that makes software.

Please email me at if you have any questions. And again, thanks for the mention!

AnnaBanana said...

ADRIEN!!! I love that game and I play it all the time at my house! cause I love cooking and I love playing the wii! mabey you can tech me how to cook!