Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Which Witch? By: Eva Ibbotson

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 249 pages
Publisher: Puffin, Penguin Books (July 3, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0141304278
ISBN-13: 978-0141304274

Arriman the Awful, Loather of Light and Wizard of the North, needs a wife. How else can he have a wizard baby to carry on the family tradition of blighting and smiting, blasting and wuthering? The problem is, wizards can only marry one kind of person--a witch. Arriman dreads the thought. "A great black crone with warts and blisters in unmentionable places from crashing about on her broom! You want me to sit opposite one of those every morning eating my cornflakes?" But a witch it must be, so Arriman holds a contest to decide which witch. The local witches are all atwitter over what spell they'll perform for the contest--all except Belladonna, who is, to her great shame, a white witch. She looks rather like the girl on the Clairol Herbal Essence bottle, with a sweet face and flowing blonde hair. "There was usually something in Belladonna's hair: A fledgling blackbird parked there by its mother while she went to hunt for worms, a baby squirrel wanting somewhere safe to eat its hazel nuts, or a butterfly who thought she was a lily or a rose."

What I think.......
Which Witch was very very good, there was a lot of mystery, witches and wizards.  I love that there are wizards because I love Harry potter and on the front of the book it said  " Perfect for fans of Harry Potter" I LOVE HARRY POTTER!  I think that if you like Harry Potter you NEED to read this book. If you haven't read neither...You should READ both!
 This is a really, really, good book. The author did a great job telling the story.  I love the characters, the way Eva Ibbotson wrote the characters, and my favorite character is:   Arriman belladonna.
"I will not tell you anything about the end!" and do not skip through it! I'm telling you, if you do I will track you down and kill you by hitting you with a book I don't care for!!! So please read it and love it!! 
"so stop reading this review and go buy the book! right now! stop reading... I know your still reading! STOP! GO! thank you."    Happy reading! Which Witch do you think it will be? " I loved it" 

~ Anna Banana
Black spells are cast, enchantments are woven, and even Belladonna manages to do a little damage in this wonderfully clever 1979 book by Eva Ibbotson (of The Secret of Platform 13). Young readers will delight in the way Ibbotson glories in the ghoulish and the gory--and in her engaging characters who are kindly and fiendish all at once. Which Witch (finally reissued in the United States) begs to be read aloud, with before-bed-length chapters and lots of opportunities for funny voices. (Ages 9 and older)

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Enbrethiliel said...


I read this book a long time ago, but the quirky sense of humour has remained with me. I should give it a reread soon.

Thanks for the review. =)