Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Looking Glass Wars By Frank Beddor

Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Speak (August 21, 2007)

Plot Summary
This book is about a girl named Alyss (Alice) who is princess of Wonderland. But it is not the Wonderland we are familiar with. It is a place where imagination is everything and Alyss has the most powerful imagination in Wonderland. And the Jabberwockies are huge and deadly and there are more than one. The caterpillars are better and stronger in these books. There is So much difference. So when her father leaves for their neighbor country, Borderland, on Alyss's Birthday, everything goes wrong. 7 year old Alyss finds out the King Noland (her dad) was murdered by her aunt Redd and her aunt comes and attacks the queendom and kills Genevieve and takes over. Alyss and The Queens bodyguard, Hatter Maddigan, are forced to flee into the pool of tears, a portal that puts you on earth, leaving all the knew and loved behind in Wonderland.

Plot High Point
When Dodge bring Alyss back to Wonderland from earth.
Main Characters
Alyss Heart- Black hair one time 7 the rest 20. Princess of Wonderland and Alice Liddell Dodge Anders- unknown looks 10 then 23. head palace guards men, Alyssian Hatter Maddigan- Brown hair and many scars. Genevieve's bodyguard. Queen Genevieve Heart- brown hair. queen of wonderland Redd Heart- Red hair. Princess of wonderland, Out cast queen, Queen of wonderland King Nolan- unknown looks. King of wonderland General Dopplegänger/Generals Dopple and Gänger- unknown looks, Can split into 2. General of the royal Millinery Bibwit Harte- albino colored his huge ears and can hear 3 streets away Blue- a blue caterpillar. Head Oracle Green- a green caterpillar. conceal of oracles Yellow- a yellow caterpillar. conceal of oracles orange- orange caterpillar. conceal of oracles Red- a red caterpillar. conceal of oracles Purple- a purple caterpillar. conceal of oracles
this happened in the past. This story was in places, ball rooms, at weddings, in houses, at battle, streets, kitchens, pools, in small rooms.
Personal Opinion
I <3 it!!!! I <3 it cause it had my hanging at every word and leaving me breathless at amazing parts. It had VERY good stuff in it and lots of action and fighting.


Kai said...


We listened to this series as a family during car trips. We enjoyed it too. I thought it was really violent, though. But I enjoyed the different angle of the traditional Alice story.

Thanks for your review.

Rea with readingtween said...


I am glad you liked it too! Faith is reading it and i hope she will be a fan!

Faith said...

I LOVE it!!!! Especially all the awesome violence!!! I love a good violent book with a bit of romance.

Rea with readingtween said...

Yeah but you like the prince!