Monday, May 2, 2011

Book review: The O'Reilly Factor for kids by Bill O'Reilly

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: HarperEntertainment (September 28, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9780060544249
ISBN-13: 978-0060544249
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The bestselling author ofThe O'Reilly Factor, The No Spin Zone, and Who's Looking Out for You? talks straight to kids this time. He is as demanding, direct, and wry asever—but he's also more revealing too, sharing candid snapshots of his own childhood throughout.

Bill O'Reilly, a former schoolteacher, now an award-winning broadcast news journalist, husband, and father of two, joins forces with an experienced educator to bring you, America's youth, a code of ethics by which to live. In this latest book, Bill takes to task bullies, cheaters, advertisers who target you irresponsibly, and parents who fight for their children to win undeserved honors instead of earning them on their own merit.

He lays bare the unvarnished truths about sex, money, smoking, drugs, alcohol, and friends. What he has to say about these issues may very well surprise you. He offers coping devices for those enduring a divorce, struggling with teacher, parent, or sibling relationships, and planning their futures. He also shares wisdom on such subjects as death, politics, and God.

Whether you take the tests he's provided, take the advice he doles out, or just take a cue from the personal stories he shares, you're bound to make smarter choices in your life, and that's all Bill asks for.

Drew's Review:
I learned a LOT of great information from reading this book, This book was very enjoyable from start to finish. I liked how in every chapter of the book, He wrote his own "My Story" to tell you how he dealt with things in his teen life, And how he doesn't make him-self sound all old and boring. I like how Mr. O'Reilly puts a lot of great humor here and there so that his readers don't put the book down and read something that they they think is good for their age group. I'm twelve and I did NOT get bored of reading a book from a guy that mostly just writes books about politics, And grown-up stuff with lots of long words!
You should get this book, because it will help you, ALOT!

*A note from the big brother:
This book in no way forces Mr. O'Reilly's political or religious views upon readers. Mr. O'Reilly writes chapters on religion and politics but he specifically says that though they are both important parts of life for him, they are based on beliefs and in no way is he telling the readers of this book what to believe. He is merely stating the fact that for a lot of people, these areas are filled with doubt and/or disagreement with others and that we shouldn't just believe what people tell us to based off of nothing. We need to actually believe in something because that is what we think is right.

I am always searching for great books for guys. Although this book is written for teens in general, it is mainly focused on a boy's point of view, and best read by boys. There is no way a boy could read this book without walking away with new knowledge and wisdom. There are many scenes of boyish tomfoolery. Also, some minor curse words and crude humor. ~ austin

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