Friday, April 29, 2011

Warriors: The New Prophecy by Erin Hunter

Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 1)Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 2)Dawn (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 3)Starlight (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 4)Twilight (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 5)Sunset (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 6)

In the exciting second Warriors story arc, The New Prophecy, the wild cats of the forest have lived in peace and harmony for many moons—but new prophecies from their warrior ancestors speak of a mysterious destiny and grave danger for the clans. Now the time has come for a new generation of heroes to arise, as the quest to save the warrior cats begins…
Title and Author
Warriors: The New Prophecy

Erin Hunter
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Plot Summary
Well this book is the second series of the AMAZING story: Warriors. This book is about wild cats who form clan's. They have a Leader a Deputy and a med-cat witch is like the doctor cat that uses herbs of the forest or were ever they can find it instead of med-sin, and queen's witch are cats that have kits or expecting them, The apprentices, Cats that are training to be wariors or Med-cats, and last but not least The Elders, Old cats. They have laws called the Warrior Code. They have 4 clans, Windclan, Riverclan, Thunderclan, and Shadowclan. They catch there own prey, Take care of themselves.

Plot High Point
When they fight are really AWESOME! I mean who reads this everyday!

Main Characters
Brambleclaw- Dark Brown tabby tom with amber eyes 

Squrilflight/paw- Dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Leafpool/paw-Light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes 
Crowfeather/paw-Dark smoky gray, almost back, tom with blue eyes 
Tawnypelt- Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes 
Feathertail-light gray she-cat with blue eyes 
Stormfur-dark gray tom with amber eyes 
Firestar- Ginger tom with a flame colored pelt 
Sandstorm-Pale Ginger she-cat 
Brackenfur- Golden brown tabby tom 
Sorreltail/paw- Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes 
Brightheart-White she-cat with ginger patches 
Cloudtail- long-haired white tom 
Graystripe- long-haired gray tom 
Cinderpelt-Dark gray she-cat 
Mousefur- Small dusky brown she-cat 
Dustpelt- Dark brown tabby tom 
Thornclaw- Golden brown tabby tom 
Ashfur- Pale gray(With darker flecks)tom, dark blue eyes 
Rainwhisker-Dark gray tom with blue eyes 
Sootfur- Lighter gray tom with amber eyes 
Spiderleg/paw- Long-limbed black tom with brown under belly and amber eyes 
Shrewpaw- Small dark brown tom with amber eyes 
Whitepaw- White she-cat with green eyes 
Goldenflower- Pale ginger coat 
Ferncloud- Pale gray(with darker flecks)she-cat, Green eyes

There is the forest and mountains Streams and rivers and lakes and other cool places in the wild.

Personal Opinion
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason why is cause I LOVE animals and this is a awesome cats point of view, so I think that is amazing.  It's really cool because they're kind of like humans because they have laws and stuff, and they fight.  I love all the characters, but my favorite is Brambleclaw.  I love these books so much that me and my friends do role plays with them.  It's so much fun.  Read these books, start with the first series, Warriors.


AnnaBanana said...

so, I stated the first book a long time ago but I didint realling think it was my kind of book... I see you reading them a LOT but when you tell me to read them, I will never!! I think they are really good, but they are not my kind of book! LUV U REAGAN!! see you on sunday! Good review though... :O)

Faith said...

Okay, so, Brambleclaw breaks my fave cat's heart because she helped her sister! That's not a good quality in a fave cat I say. But yeah, good review! LYLAS! [[Love ya like a sister]] Cya on Sunday!

Rea with readingtween said...

WELL HE IS THE BEST IN THESE BOOKS NOT IN YOURS. Give him some slack. cya guys

Joyce said...

My 12 year old son can not get enough of this series. I have had to buy one because the library did not have it.

Also my older son (14) named one of the cats we Bramble. He said he reminded him of this cat.

Rea with readingtween said...

That SO AWESOME Joyce!!

Faith said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! No Brambleclaw! I'm melting! He is pretty cool in that series, but not in the end of power of three and Omen of the stars.

Rea with readingtween said...

Just in your opinion! Other people think he did the right thing!

Phoebe said...

WOW I never thought I'd find someone that had read these books, nobody that I know has read them or even heard of them! :)