Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sinbad Movie Review

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My summary:

Sinbad is a pirate and his best friend is a prince. When monsters attack the prince's ship while Sinbad is trying to RAID him they kill the monster and like old times they are friends again. Sinbad gets dragged under the water by one of the monsters tentacles and meets the goddess of chaos and she tells him if he gets the book of peace for her she would make him filthy rich. He agrees and one night he is at a party that his best friend, the prince, was having when the goddess of chaos betrays him. She steels the book of peace and turns into Sinbad to steel it! He is blamed for steeling the book of peace and they throw him in jail. His friend takes his place for Sinbad to find the book and get it back in three days. If Sinbad fails, his friend will be beheaded. If Sinbad fails to get the book but comes back anyway Sinbad will be beheaded. He stets of on a adventure finding his friend's girlfriend below deck and she comes with him on this exciting adventure. Find out more by WATCHING it.

I loved this movie. I liked it because Sinbad is a pirate and he is funny and likes taking risks and never thinks of everything. I also liked it because it was cute and scary at some parts. I liked the voices and the people. SO all in all it might be old but, it is great fun and i think they should make a new one. (F.Y.I i did not get the description on Amazon i wrote it!) Please watch this it is amazing!


LM Preston said...

I'm partial to any pirate tale myself :-D and I own and love this movie too!

AnnaBanana said...

I ♥ THAT MOVIE!!!! :) And I ♥ Pirate's!

AWESOME Me said...


Faith said...

I'm a ninja-pirate [ninja and pirate mixed together], yes I made that up, and I LOVE Sinbad soooo much! His dog is adorable!

Rea with readingtween said...

People have already saaid Ninja Pirate before you + Heyyo is apart of the Human language you didn't make it up just the spelling