Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This or That with Peter Lee, Character from The Detention Club

This book looks like so much fun!  I can't wait to read it!  Today we have one of the characters from The Detention Club with us to answer some fun questions.

Peter Lee, what do you prefer, this or that? (P.S. The fart question is from my dumb brother)

Summer or Fall:

 Either season is perfect for land-skiing.
Bouncy ball or inflatable ball:

Bouncy ball—I’m not a germ freak, but I don’t like to lick things that have been already licked by others if I can help it.
Cool or Jerk:

In theory, “cool.”
Gmail or Yahoo mail:

What’s Yahoomail?
Pop or rock:

I like poppy rock. Or rocky pop, for that matter.
Pants or shorts:

Shorts—bullies don’t feel comfortable giving wedgies to you if you’re wearing shorts for some reason. I think maybe it feels too personal for them or something.
Cats or dogs:

Cats. You have to earn the respect of cats. Plus, compared to dogs, it actually feels nice to get licked by cats.
Fart or burp:

I can burp-talk really well. (I just burped that answer out, in fact.)
Ice cream or donuts:

You have funner dreams if you eat ice cream before bed. Plus, even though I always feel like I could eat a dozen donuts when I first open up a box, I usually crash out after 2-3, tops. For some reason that annoys me about donuts.
Girl or boy:

Well, given that my sister Sunny’s a girl, I’d have to go with…duh--boy!
Mittens or gloves:

You’d be surprised to know that I prefer mittens. They’re not as useful and always make my hands clammy, which then makes them cold because it’s winter, but I like that nobody knows what your fingers are doing when you wear mittens.
Movie or TV show:

The special effects on TV shows are never as good as they are in movies. I respect big budgets—that says to me that the people behind it really care about their art.
Books or concert:

I enjoy watching street magic.
Computer or TV:

Computer. A TV is useless if you don’t have a decent cable-package, which my parents never get.
Music or walks:

I’m 11. I don’t do “walks.”
one wish or ice cream forever:

I do like ice cream (see above), but I’d have to say one wish. And assuming you can’t wish for a million wishes, I’d ask for a time machine.
Fairy or Fairy god parent:

Who wants a third parent?
Be awesome and have no friends or be nerdy and have friends:

Lately I’ve been that first choice so I guess I’d go for the second, just for the change of pace.
parents or friends:

If my answer didn’t result in me never being born, I’d choose friends.
Pink or gray:

Gray, I guess, but that says more about how much I don’t like pink.
Write a book or sing for a living:
I guess write a book since this feels like I had to write a book just to answer all these questions, so it would seem I’m qualified already to-oh, wait, we’re done? Actually, now that I think about it, I figure it might be cool to sing for a living. But not pop.

 I want to be a singer too!!  Maybe we can start a band!  Thanks for answering our questions!  I can't wait to read The Detention Club!

The Detention Club
The best worst thing to happen to Peter Lee?
Peter and his best friend, Drew, used to be so cool (or, at least, not total outcasts) in elementary school. But now they're in middle school, where their extensive mica collection and prowess at kickball have earned them a new label: losers. Then Peter attracts the unwanted attention of the school bullies, and his plan to become popular through his older sister, the practically perfect Sunny, backfires.
Things go from bad to worse when Peter gets detention. But what at first seems to spell his utter doom turns into an unlikely opportunity for making friends and influencing people. . . .

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