Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thinkin' Thursday: What Christmas is about to me... by Anna Banana

What I think Christmas Is all about....

My mom and dad used to give all of my brothers and sister toys and more toys for Christmas. Seriously, it's not like I didn't enjoy them, but we all realized at the same time (about three years ago) that Christmas is more than receiving a bunch of cool presents. My parents always tell us, that they want to raise grateful adults. So, I really don't mind getting a lot less for Christmas. They buy us the things we need throughout the year. My mom tells us to make a Christmas list... Well other than a bike a CD player, I don't want or need anything else. We usually stopped playing with our toys anyway after about a week and if you asked me what I got for Christmas a month later, I couldn't tell you. Don't get me wrong, I like opening presents, but giving them is sooooo much more fun! My parents have five kids :0))))) I know! Abigaile from and my brother Austin from and my brother Drew from And my brother Adrien for Reading Tween, and me, from Reading Tween also! This year we will open a few gifts, grill some steaks (YUM) and then go to the movies. We all will have a good, fun, Christmas together. I will probably remember this one. Oh, and my mom, sister and I will build a gingerbread house.

Tell me what you plan to do for Christmas holidays.
I hope you guys have a very nice Christmas and happy reading!! :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Reagan said...

wow ummm well..... here is something eles people should do and know. I gave up my birthday stuff for a little girl age: 10 could have a Christmas.

oh this is random but if you want to know 344 (or something like that) ways to get kicked out of walmart just says so and i will put them down here.

AMY ~ ReadingTeen2 said...

That was a very nice thing you did Reagan!