Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur

Jack Stalwart: The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur
by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Series: Jack Stalwart book #1
Reading level: Ages 6 and up
Paperback: 110 pages
Publisher: Weinstein Books; First Edition edition (September 4, 2007)
In this action-packed new series, nine-year old secret agent Jack Stalwart travels the globe in search of his missing older brother Max while solving international crimes for the Global Protection Force.

In The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur, Jack zooms to the city that never sleeps to try to solve the mystery of the missing Allosaurus toe. Starting at the Natural History Museum, Jack's detection takes him to a competitive grade-schooler determined to win the science fair with his experiment crossing his own dog with the DNA from the bone of a dangerous, carnivorous dinosaur. Soon the gargantuan creature is terrorizing New Yorkers and Jack must stop him before he devours the animals in the Central Park zoo!
This book is about a kid named Jack Stalwart.  In this book Jack has to go to New York to the American Museum of Natural History where the hallux of an allosaurus is missing.  Jack finds out that a kid named Thomas stole the hallux and got DNA out of it and turned his dog into an allosaurus.  Jake's job is to bring the hallux back to the museum.

I liked this book because it is easy to read, and it is exciting.  It is a cool book and you don't know what will happen next.  I also like secret agents.  I recommend this book to people who like action!

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