Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help to Choose Erin Hunter's Book Cover for the NEW SERIES!

SURVIVORS by Erin Hunter –

From Harper Collins:

Help Choose the Jacket! Erin Hunter, the bestselling author of the WARRIORS and SEEKERS books, has legions of fans and we want to hear from all of them! Go HERE to vote for your favorite book jacket for SURVIVORS, the new Erin Hunter series coming in August. Hurry, voting ends 4/19!

 The Warriors and Seekers books are some of my absolute favorite books ever, so I can't WAIT for this new series by Erin Hunter!!!  If you want to read my reviews, you can find them here:

Warriors Book 1
Warriors: The New Prophecy
Warriors: The New Prophecy book 3
Seekers Audiobook Vlog Review

I hope you're as excited as I am!  If you haven't read Warriors and Seekers yet, you should.  Or just start with this new series!  Survivors comes out August 21!

And just in case you were worried that the animals weren't getting a vote.....


Anonymous said...

i have read 1 warriors book and 1 seekers book and i love them!They are great!Erin Hunter is a great author one of the best right behind Gordon Kormon and Ingrid Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous!!! You said she is one of the best, but she is really... Four of the best! Erin Hunter is a Pseudonym made with 4 people. But I agree also other with what you said